(nardi e scopetta scultura)

Beds in art is not a conventional place, it is rather a centre of visual production where you can find accommodation if you come to Naples to work.
As one of the guests once ironically remarked, the services it offers range from “hairdressing to helicopters”: a deep knowledge of the area allows us to provide the means for photo shootings, digital films, different kinds of research and collaborations aimed at the creation of audio-visual and editorial products, as well as the organization of performances and art installations.
Beds in art can rely on a network of cooperation in the area thanks to which it can easily meet the needs of the projects in which it is involved.
Naples is indeed a city no artist can miss in their wanderings, its complexity representing its richness, in a continuous flux of creativity for good and evil.
A city which is a constant enlarged building site makes it possible more than others to explore little known relationships, such as artist-environment, interior-exterior, city-people.
This is why we have decided to weave a web of relationships between the artists coming to Naples and the city itself, sparking off works which have resulted very interesting for our own research as well.